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An Enterprise Intelligence Platform that augments human intelligence so all information in a data ecosystem can be analyzed real-time and organizations can make extraordinary decisions.

Skyrocketing volumes of data from more and more sensors, expedited this requirement, as all the analysts in the world would not be enough to translate information into predictions and helps to make the best decisions in time.

Driven by a pervasive need of governments and businesses around the world to extract more insight from their data, the analytics industry is moving away from proprietary, complicated and expensive technology.

D5-IQ’s offering in partnership with Semantic AI®, who is leading the way with Cortex EIP®, an Enterprise Intelligence Platform designed to harness the data ecosystem of both government and business for extraordinary decision making.

Cortex EIP® is a unique approach that comes with technical and organizational advantages, far more than ‘yet another machine learning algorithm’. It’s rather an AI strategy based on technical and organizational measures, which get implemented along the whole data lifecycle.

Semantic AI® combines thoroughly selected methods and tools that solve the most common use cases such as classification and recommendation in a highly precise manner. Current experience shows that AI initiatives often fail due to the lack of appropriate data or low data quality.

A semantic knowledge graph is used at the heart of a semantic enhanced AI architecture, which provides means for a more automated data quality management.

Cortex EIP logoCortex EIP® embodies the next generation of modern analytics built with the combination of power and simplicity needed for mass deployment.

If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles.

— Sun Tzu, Chinese general, military strategist, writer and philosopher (approximately 500 BC)

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