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With the multitude of users, endpoints, networks and data, protecting cyberspace is often considered a complex operation or as a Dutch soldier once said: “defending yourself in cyberspace could be compared to defending yourself in the dark”.

Experiencing next level of tactics, strategy and visualization as Cyberspace is becoming ever more prioritized as a domain to be secured.

This requires building the cyber strength and resilience now and in the future at all levels within and between governmental and commercial organizations in the critical infrastructure from IT-specialists, decisionmakers to politicians have to increase training and practice in this domain.

D5-IQ provides with her partners the Exercise-as-a-Service powered by the latest AI and Augmented Reality technology combining strategic table-top sessions with gamified operational scenario’s and state-of-the-art visualizations.

This experience allows access to remote participation from different locations world-wide. The goals of this exercise include the discussion of a new framework for application of restricted measures as well as better insight in ways of uncovering and attribution of cyber-attacks. Participants include both decision makers, politicians, cyber experts as well as operational security experts and engineers from both commercial and governmental SOCs and CERTS.

Cyber Exercise at all levels of the organization

Gamified Live Fire

A team of operational experts (selected experts from different CERTs and SOCs of the participating organisations) working on a technical gamified scenario using the Project AREScyber range from Circadence® (powered by Microsoft Azure® and AI) aimed at uncovering suspicious operations throughout Europe

(e.g. suspicious financial transactions, phishing and exfiltration to web attacks).

Table Top

A team of decisionmakers, politicians and cyber experts participating in a table top exercise with real team injects coming from the team of operational experts that are involved in the Gamified Live Fire exercise at tactical level. This taskforce will be discussing methods of attribution of cyber-attacks as well as exploring and testing policies and procedures which allows the participating organizations to impose targeted restrictive measures to deter and respond to cyber-attacks. The combination of the tactical and strategic level in this exercise requires close interaction and clear communication in both directions at realtime, creating the most realistic environment for all participants to ensure the best preparation.

White Team Observation

Provisioning of Augmented Reality (AR) observer status map to “white team” powered by Microsoft HoloLens® technology to visualize team interactions and decisions.

This gives participants the opportunity to undergo the new framework for cyber response and sanctions on both a tactical and strategic level. Scenario’s, data and injects are converted into appealing imagery and experienced through multiple composite views. This D5-IQ experience brings the cyber domain ‘alive’.