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Project ARES is an immersive cyber security training and assessment platform that provides cyber security individuals and teams with the opportunity to practice skills and hone tactics. The platform engages teams in realistic, mission-specific virtual environments using real-world tools, network activity and a large library of authentic threat scenarios. Unlike the traditional lecture-based training models, Project ARES takes cyber security training out of the classroom and into an interactive near real-world environment. Project ARES scenarios can virtualize/simulate various networks, technologies, security products and components (e.g. routers, switches) of various vendors.

Project ARES is a highly innovative (AI and gamification) and proven platform used for training and education by many commercial and  governmental organizations to train individuals or teams ranging from beginners to experts, whether they are in a classroom, office or at home at any time of the day

You train like you fight, you fight like you train…

— General George S. Patton

Circadence brings the first fully immersive, AI-powered cybersecurity learning and assessment solutions for Government, Enterprise, and Academic customers.

Many organizations still rely on expensive and non-scalable traditional classroom training, often passively delivered via PowerPoint or video. This type of training is difficult to update and simply can’t keep up with the rapidly evolving threat landscape. Fostering creativity within cyber-training allows us to visualize and capture an idea on a hyper scalable.

Gamified virtual environments provide a hands-on learning setting that resonates with today’s professional and increases information retention and skill acquisition with cyber defensive and offensive scenarios.

This unique approach to cybersecurity learning stems from the power of gamification and active-learning models in line with the NIST standards for cyber training.

From persistently education, training and exercises on Project Ares to building your own cyber activities in Orion allow all cyber professionals from network analyst to security manager to hone their skills in a safe environment that doesn’t compromise production networks.




Pair Project Ares® with Orion® Battle Room Builder to create an enhanced training experience that is tailored to industry or organization learning requirements and, therefore more relevant for professionals.

The persisting development of cyber team skills and competencies with immersive game-like training exercises keep existing cyber teams engaged while security leaders/CISOs are able to continually assess performance from reports and adapt learning programs and employee as well as team development plans.

This technology helps cyber teams continually improve their skills and grow in cyber knowledge so they can keep pace with cyber criminals