Because Cyber Security Depends on People

“Better rely on your own preparation, not on the likelihood that it will not happen”

Gamified Cyber Learning Platform
Enterprise Intelligence Platform
Project Ares


Enable people to better understand their environment from a security perspective. To provide people with the right level of skills to accurately predict and anticipate potential problems. To support people in taking the right decisions when responding in time to potential problems.


Based in The Netherlands with many years “feet on the ground” experience at NATO, related defense organizations and other critical infrastructure.

D5-IQ differentiates by offering the most innovative, award winning and proven AI-powered platforms for Gamified Cyber Learning and Enterprise Intelligence.


Prepare people to create a safe and secure environment to reach their goals.

Gamified Cyber Learning Platform

Recent studies showed up to a 75% retention rate for Gamified Cyber Learning compared to 5% for traditional cyber instruction.

D5-IQ provides Project Ares®, the proven AI-powered Gamified Cyber Learning Platform that allows cyber teams from enterprise, government, and academic institutions to automate and augment the cyber workforce learning experience by providing immersive, cyber learning environments that emulate various networks.

Realistic scenarios engage teams in immersive, mission-specific virtual environments using real-world tools, network activity and a large library of authentic threat scenarios that is updated on a monthly basis with new scenarios to include the most recent and advanced cyber-attacks.

Project Ares® is aligned with the NIST Special Publication 800-181 (NICE) for categorizing and describing cybersecurity work roles.

Enterprise Intelligence Platform

D5-IQ is Proud Partner of Semantic Artificial Intelligence providing Cortex EIP®, an unique approach for Enterprise Intelligence Platform as it augments human intelligence so all information in a data ecosystem can be analyzed real-time and organizations can make extraordinary decisions, so far more than ‘yet another machine learning algorithm’ that pulls and combines unstructured data from all kind of sources to a dashboard.


Combining strategic table-top sessions with Project Ares® have proven to be highly valuable during exercises for multiple commercial and governmental organizations. Developing/testing procedures on strategic and tactical level in one exercise to prepare and repel in a highly realistic environment the most recent and advanced cyber-attacks in the world.

The provisioning of Microsoft HoloLens® augmented reality to the white team of observers visualizes everywhere team interactions, decisions and impact.

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